Bedding provided to
the athletes' village for
the Tokyo 2020 Games

airweave will provide bedding for the athletes' village for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Number of beds in the Athletes Village
18,000 beds for Tokyo 2020 Olympics
8,000 beds for Tokyo 2020 Paralympics

airweave has conducted product development with the goal of continuing to be the brand of choice for those always seeking the best for the world’s most preeminent events like the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Over the past three years, we have brought together our existing knowledge and technology to develop the bedding supplied to the athletes' dormitories. We will support the athletes by providing them with the best bedding ever, so that each and every one of them can perform their best in this major event that only comes round once every four years.

Background to development

How bedding affects sleep quality and sporting performance

The quality of sleep depends on the type of bedding used. After years of research, airweave found that the quality of sleep in different bedding affects exercise performance the next morning. airweave bedding has moderate resilience and excellent breathability to improve sleep quality.

For an “individualized” mattress for each athlete and their body types

In past Athletes Villages, every athlete received the same mattress despite their varying body types. However, depending on events and competition, height, weight, and muscle build differ largely. So, we designed an individualized mattress capable of customizing.

Straightening the spine and maintaining an ideal sleeping position can reduce stress on the body during sleep.

We will provide an optimal sleep environment to ensure that each athlete can achieve their best performance.

Point 01Mattress functionality

The three parts have different firmness on both sides. The firmness type can be changed freely by swapping the front and back and changing the position.

Commitment to environmental conservation


Customize to match body type

Mattress types vary according to height, weight, and muscularity.
Mattresses personalized to each athlete helps support their sleep.

Point 02Commitment to environmental conservation

Environmentally friendly bedding made from sustainable materials

Spring coil and other conventional mattresses are disassembled by hand after use and disposed of as industrial waste. As industrial waste has increased in recent years, environmental pollution has become a serious problem. airweave, meanwhile, uses a proprietary material made from polyethylene resin “airfiber®,” which is then recycled into polyethylene material for use in plastic products.
In addition, since the bed frame is made of renewable cardboard and the pillow and the quilt are made of polyester, all the bedding used in the athletes’ village can be reused and recycled. In addition to supplying bedding, we will be in charge of handling the bedding after the Games, and will contribute to the Tokyo 2020 Games goal of realizing a sustainable society.



Breaking down

Breaking down

Melting and Solidifying

Melting and Solidifying



Product introduction


Customizable mattress with a tripartite structure

●The inner material parts are divided into three sections of different firmness on both sides. (Firmness level [Soft - Standard - Firm - Firmer])

●The firmness type can be changed freely by swapping front and back and changing the position.

●The inner material is made of a proprietary material made of polyethylene resin, airfiber®


Bed frame

Bed frame made of 100% environmentally friendly cardboard

●Uses recyclable cardboard

●High durability, passes impact test

●Suitcases can be stored under the bed

Bed Frame


Pillow that facilitates an ideal sleeping position

●The height of the center, neck, and sides are different, and the structure is suitable for various sleeping styles such as lying on one’s back or side

●The H-shaped three-dimensional sewing supports the neck, maintaining an ideal sleeping posture

●Made of dust-resistant 100% polyester



Thin comforter for summer with excellent moisture absorption and release and light weight

●Doesn’t get musty even in summer thanks to outstanding moisture absorption and release

●Deodorant processing

●Feather-free, so it can be used by those with feather allergies


airweave supports athletes through our most innovative bedding.