Sophisticated Mattress Created by Japanese Technology

airweave is a mattress made by “weaving” resin strings. The resin material was specially and newly developed for this mattress to support you firmly yet comfortably. With this mattress, quality sleep is yours.

Air as Mattress Material

Air is the most essential material for our mattress. Each of our skilled craftsmen is finishing each airweave mattress with great care to make so many layers of air. It is a delicate work, like weaving air into the mattress. Our factory is filled with the atmosphere which is like that of an atelier of traditional crafts.

Comfort for Everyone

Our development concept was to make a mattress for everyone. We asked many people, with various types of physique and at different ages, to try our prototypes and eagerly listened to their comments. As the result, here is airweave, a mattress which provides comfort for everyone.

  • Not too firm.
  • Not too soft.
  • So friendly to your body.
airweave for High Quality Sleeping Environment
airweave is composed of layers of air created with our new material, very fine fibrous resin. The mattress is made by three-dimensionally entwining and heat-bonding thin polyethylene strings. The resulted structure gives the mattress superior air permeability.
Thanks to the air permeability, you don’t have to toss and turn through the wakeful night caused by heat and moisture held inside the mattress. Also, you don’t need to worry about mold.
The mattress cover was exclusively made for airweave. It is quilted and keeps you warm in winter. The cover is made of high quality fabric which has a quick moisture absorption/dissipation characteristic.
Production of airweave is thoroughly done at one factory in Japan. Stable and safe quality is assured.