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In its earliest days, when airweave was still unknown, the first people to use airweave products and appreciate their efficacy were athletes, who are closely attuned to bodily changes.
Athletes train hard every day, conditioning their bodies to give everything they’ve got on game day. Much more than the rest of us, they insist on high-quality sleep. And for Olympic athletes, who hone their minds and bodies to perfection for a contest that comes only once every four years, a good sleep the night before the big day is most important of all.
Determined to create bedding that would be the choice of top athletes, airweave relentlessly pursues perfection in sleep, guided by its philosophy of “The Quality Sleep.”


The athletes airweave supports were insisting on airweave products even before our support began. We’d like to introduce you to some of the athletes who have shared their journey with airweave.

  • Figure Skating Mao Asada
  • Table Tennis Kasumi Ishikawa
  • Gymnastics Kohei Uchimura
  • Judo Hifumi Abe
  • Judo Uta Abe
  • Ski Jump Sara Takanashi
  • Golf Taiga Semikawa


Based on evidence gleaned from sleep research, including athlete sleep surveys and feedback, airweave products have been advanced.

The Evolution of airweave Products 
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